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Professional Video Surveillance Software With Support For Multiple IP Cameras. Security Monitor Pro is the perfect solution for complex security problems.

You can preview and monitor multiple IP cameras on the screen. Each camera can be individually configured to record continuously or detect motion.

The application is well-suited to monitor large areas such as parking lots, shops, offices, warehouses etc. Get immediate email notification along with a photo directly in your mailbox as soon as motion or noise intrusion is detected.

Alerts like video and audio recording, taking snaps with date and time, sounding alarms, and sending SMS notifications can be configured and run individually for every device.

Security Monitor Pro automatically uploads recorded video, audio and snaps to a FTP server of your choice. Monitor an entire business using multiple cameras.

Monitoring can be turned on and off for each camera individually, on a schedule that can be the same every day, different for each day of the week, or one-time-only.

The program can also start monitoring a camera automatically when on application launch. All events are recorded in an event log and displayed for quick reference.

Security Monitor Pro is a complete video security software with multiple camera support and remote monitoring features. Combine with classic features like snaps, e-mail alerts, sound alarms, and video/audio recording when motion is detected, and Security Monitor Pro is the ultimate weapon in your security arsenal.

Feature highlights: - Use multiple webcams and IP cameras simultaneously to monitor and record video. - Receive instant e-mail notification when motion or noise is detected by your camera.

- Schedule each camera to start and stop monitoring automatically, either on a daily or weekly schedule, for a one-time event, or automatically when the program loads.

- Configure each camera individually to record continuously or monitor for motion. Broadcast the video from your camera so you can view it remotely.

- Stamp the video recording with date and time for legal purposes. - Use a wizard to automatically configure Security Monitor Pro for common monitoring scenarios.

- Get e-mail notifications with a photo snap of the motion sent to your mailbox. - View all event history along with recordings and photo snaps.

- Digitally zoom up to 200% from any video device. - Upload recorded videos and snaps to an FTP server either as soon as recorded, or at a selected interval.

- Upload recorded videos and snaps to an FTP server either as soon as recorded, or at a selected interval.

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